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Posted by Christel Rush , Feb 07,2001,14:09   Archive
Hi guys, I'm back, though don't know for how long. Am in a mess, computer and otherwise. My, you have been busy, took me forever to catch up on the posts. A friendly hello to the new poeple, nice to meet you and glad you joined us, doubtlessly thanks to Shirley's prompting.
What would we ever do without Shirley?
Sally, I'll be happy to be a co-older sister. I know we'll have our hands full keeping the young ones in line, especially since Mom and Dad are no help, since she took off with the milkman and he with the meter maid. But we'll manage, especially since we have help. Looks like we aren't the oldest ones anymore, makes you feel young, huh? (:
Feeling a little sad, my son, who celebrated his 45th birthday here and grandson, 23, left this morning after a 1 1/2 week visit to go home to Washington. My grandson finally met his little cousin, Anela. She
will be 3 this month and it was love at first sight. Anyway, it was nice to have all my 3 children under one roof again, dosn't happen very often. Although all that commotion put my blephs into overdrive.
Christel in Calif. where temps plummeted 16 or 18 degrees in one day.

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Re: Still alive

Re : Still alive --- Christel Rush
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Feb 07,2001,14:43 Top of Thread Archive
Glad to have you back for however long. We've missed you. Thanks for the compliment and I like the word "prompting" (it sounds better than nagging and hounding).
I'm happy that you had all your kids together for awhile. Those simple things can mean so much even if it did make you blink more. It's worth it.

Shirley in AR.

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