Dry Mouth

Posted by joanne johnson , Feb 09,2001,09:03   Archive
Both my husband and I have dry mouth from medications we take. Mine is so bad that my tongue feels swollen and stuck to the roof of my mouth. There are times when I wake up, I have a horrific sore throat, as I tend to sleep and breath through my mouth if I have a cold and/or any type of nasal congestion. I have been known to ask a perfect stranger if they have gum or hard candy. I try to keep something in my purse at all times. My favorites are Dentyne Ice, and wintergreen Icebreakers, Both are sugar free and in packages that carry well in the purse without picking up lint.

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Re: Mouth Flakes

Re : Dry Mouth --- joanne johnson
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Feb 09,2001,09:08 Top of Thread Archive
Have you seen the new Listerine Oral Care Strips - tiny little flakes - almost invisible to the eye? They are quite powerful and so easy tocarry -if anybody needs a mouth refresher. June in Toronto

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