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checking in
Posted by: mike in van
01/31/2004, 13:06:52

Hi from Mike and Chris. We haven't been around for a while. Mike's beb is not too bad right at the moment. His left eye is affected the most, being closed most of the time. However he can see out of the right eye fairly well. He's seen the neuro at UBC and has started with new placements of the botox shot that worked really well, however the lowered dosage wore off very quickly. His body seems to eliminate the botox quickly. He no longer has problems with light sensitivity, and is able to read a little and watch some tv. He's due for more shots next week. Bye for now Chris and Mike.

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Re: checking in
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Posted by: June in Toronto
01/31/2004, 19:28:45

Hi Mike and Chris,

Glad to hear that Mike is doing better with placement of the injections. Perhaps a higher dosage of botox will really help him next time around. It all takes time for both him and the doctor to experiment with what works and what doesn't for each patient. I'm sure being able to watch a little tv and read some makes him feel a lot better. Keep it up and thanks for checking in with us.

June in Toronto

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