Humor in crashing into things.

Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Feb 11,2001,17:23   Archive
I love to buy these little refrigerator magnets that have a little recording in them. I've got all kinds of them. I originally bought them for my oldest son (my excuse, anyway). I kept on buying more and different ones with different recordings. He finally said "no more, my friends are driving me crazy by pushing the little buttons all at the same time". The little computer one says " You've got mail". The camera says "Smile and then clicks." Anyway, you get the picture. (no pun intended). Well, he brought them all home to me and said to keep them. So, I have put a number of them on my own refrigerator. There is a cute little weight scale, that says "Ow, Get OFF" a couple of times if you push the button. I had made breakfast in my normal semi-blind state and my son and I were putting things away. My eyes closed at the wrong time and I crashed into the refrigerator managing to hit the scale which promptly screamed at me "OW, Get Off---Ow, Get OFF". It startled me and then I realized what it was sayint and then my son and I both cracked up laughting. My husband came in to see what we were laughing so hard about and I don't think that he ever really got it. You had to be there.

Shirley in AR.

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