Posted by Gladys Arancibia , Feb 12,2001,12:58   Archive
I read in the last bulletin sent me by the Research Foundation two articles about photophobia in blepharospasm and the use of FL-41 tint lenses.
I have a strong sun sensitivity and I search this lens, but it doesn't exist in Argentine, and if one of you can help me,I will appreciate it so much. I need to know who produce this tint lens, because a friend of mine, traveled to England, he search it there, and no optic know its.
My second botox injection was with a higher doses and don't helped me, neither clonazepam.
I don't know what can I do; I'll wait the third shot and I will pray God.
Gladys Arancibia

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Re: Photophobia

Re : Photophobia --- Gladys Arancibia
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Feb 12,2001,13:37 Top of Thread Archive

Gladys, this is the link to Knighton optical in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. You could email them and see if they could be of some help. This is the only place that I know of that makes the FL-41 tint to put on glasses.

I'm sorry that your botox has still not given you much relief. Sometimes, it takes several tries to get the right dosage and sites. Sometimes, you have to try another doctor. Let us know how you are doing and continue to ask questions. We will help you anyway that we can.

Shirley in AR.

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