Road Rage w/o Car

Posted by joanne johnson , Feb 13,2001,19:42   Archive
I was held hostage today by a young man who obviously didn't like older people with a disability. I am doing very poorly. My eyes and face are constantly moving. The botox I had a week ago still hasn't kicked in and I'm about where I was when I left work. I had my wrap around glasses on and my cane. There is a lot of ice on the ground and I am terrified of falling, and reinjuring my knee; so, I was moving slowly and looking down. I may have brushed up against him, but I in no way made any real contact with him. He started yelling at me, calling me names, and using a lot of profanity. My eyes immediately closed and I was froze. It seems like he went on and on and on. I blanked out somewhere a long the line and don't remember half of what he said. I just stood there, trying my best to keep my composure. I felt like I was going to burst a vein and die right there on the spot. I haven't been able to shake it. I told my husband to shut up, which of course, didn't go over real big. He is watching TV now, and the volumn is so high, I wonder if he is going deaf. I went to my Tai Chi class today, and I was very frustrated. She was giving us step by step directions to make this move, and I couldn't remember all of them. I almost started crying. I still feel like crying. I am so glad I have an appt. with my therapist tomorrow. Today was the worst day I've had. I hope I can work through it soon, or I will need to kill somebody. That is how I feel. If I can't share it here, where?

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