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The article was written in 1999 in the Toronto Star newspaper, on macular degeneration - but I wonder if some of the dry-eye info pertains to us - any comments?

"2 types of mac. degen. - dry and wet. The dry form, which occurs 85-90% of the time is caused by small pale spots called drusen in the macula, a part of the eye that distinguishes fine detail......

Easing Painfully Dry Eyes - Sjogren's disease/Mac.Degen...scientists suspect that it is a disorder that affects the body's glands. The inflammation targets connective tissue and without moisture, esp. in the eye, patients can experience severe ulceration of the cornea and visual loss. Problems in other body organs can lead to severe joint pain and fatigue. David Sullivan (Schepens Eye Research-Boston) has been studying hormonal regulation of the eye and found that androgens such as testerone play an important role in Sjogren's (dry eye). Merely placing a topical film of testosterone on the eye seems to reverse or suppress the inflammatory process....There are 3 layers that make up the outer film of the eye a mucous sheet composed of hundreds of thousands of cells, a water layer (the lacrimal gland that contains antibodies that protect against infections), and an oily, outer layer called the meibomian... Knowing that estrogens have been linked to autoimmune disorders and testerone has been shown to suppress the same process, Sullivan thought he had a good lead to follow....Woman make about 2/3rds the level of androgens that males do, which may explain why the condition appears more often in females - generally on the heels of menopause which is precisely when estrogen and androgen levels drop. The melbomian gland is regulated by androgens. When androgens are put back into the eye, the melbomian layer functions. normally".

I GUESS THE QUESTIONS I HAVE ARE - do you think that:

- I believe Botox causes my dry eyes - does it affect the bodies glands, maybe like Sjogen's?

- testerone on the eye seems to reverse the inflammatory process - I wonder if it would help beb?

- woman make 2/rd's of the level of androgens - would that explain why more women seem to get beb?

Food for Thought. June in Toronto who has nothing better to do today, because the weather is so awful outside.

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