Posted by Jenny Robo (JENNY ROBINSON,Jenny Robo), Feb 18,2001,16:26   Archive
Just updating you all on whats happening.

I have decided not to take the Lamotrigine - as it:

has Life-Threatening rashes
and they can appear up to 6 mths
should not be taken for a long period

I dont know how to tell the doctor - he is being so weird with me.

Anyway, will ring him tomorrow, he may flip, or just switch to sulphar valporate - which is less aggressive - and has less side affects. One thing is for sure, I cannot stay on the Phenytoin much longer. I am having infections (chest infection that wont clear) have very strong water and ataxia. So that cant go on.

Emma - who is 12 weeks pregnant - has been found to have two cysts on her ovaries, so that is worrying too. So any christians, please pray for her, she is so precious

will let you know what happens with the doctor, he may flip over this, but I cant help that, its my body

Love youloads


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