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Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Feb 19,2001,12:24   Archive
Do any of you know anything about whey powder? Its known as Immunocal in the U.S.A. and HMS 90 in Canada and is also sold in Japan and Australia - perhaps under different trade names. (I understand its to be `written in the physician's books very soon in the U.S." --does this mean FDA approved I wonder?)

All I know is this: the Canadian Rep at our dystonia support group meeting was asked by another member about this product, that she has been taking for a year (she is also now a distributor for it by the way). The Rep. has cervical dystonia and used to hang onto her hair in order to help control her neck, she had terrible migraines and lots of dystonia problems. She now does not need to hold onto her hair, very few headaches, feels more energetic and rested, her dystonia IS NOT IN REMISSION (AS SHE SAID A REMISSION CAN ALWAYS END) but it sure feels a lot better.
HMS 90/Immunocal is specially processed (temperature and is bio-active), its a food (protein) and therefore to be counted as food (too much will cause weight gain) - blend it into yoghurt, etc.)) It impacts on cellular level, boosts glutathione - which age decreases, and the body needs cysteine (sp?) to produce glutathione levels. The Rep takes 1 package per day (3/day would be great, but its expensive - sells for over $69/month Cdn at 1package/day - on a continuous buy basis.
That's the extent of my knowledge on the product (I tried to do a search, but my eyes are so...bad I can't right now), so would appreciate any comments/help/feelings on the subject that you can give.


June in Toronto

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