I apologise in advance

Posted by Jenny Robo (JENNY ROBINSON,Jenny Robo), Feb 21,2001,14:50   Archive
Why is it that Doctors are so lame. They never seem to be capable of saying face to face what they mean?

When I saw my doctor on Monday, he said that he would read my claim form and complete it. Time and time again, he has been told that I have movment in my legs buttocks back neck arms and hands.

When the claim for came, he said that I had only ever seen evidence of movement in my face, not in my body. He said that I was depressed and anxious - (neurotic in other words), and that this was caused mainly by the disorder. He said that my walking and lack of co-ordination was also partly due to the disorder and partly due to my anxiety.

Tell you what, I was not that anxious, but I flipping well am now. Who does he think he is.

I have all these things, I have so much more, but when I walk in there, I am still, I am so angry and frustrated. Why didnt he tell me he thought this about me, I would have found another doctor straight away.

And even if he thinks this of me I am still not taking this stupid drug, and he can call me names until the cows comes home, it is still my body and I wont take a drug like that.



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Re:No need to apologise

Re : I apologise in advance --- Jenny Robo
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Feb 21,2001,20:49 Top of Thread Archive
Jenny, I'm sorry that you're having such rotten luck. No need to apologise to us. You have to do what is right for you. Is this the doctor that was going to take over your case because it was so rare? or is it the one that you have been seeing all along?
Can you film the other movements and have them on tape for him to see?
I wish that I had some easy answers and someone could tell you what was best to do and you could believe in them and that they had your best interest at heart.
I can just say that I sympathise and wish I could give you a hug. Sound off here anytime you feel like it.

Shirley in AR. who is half-heartedly listening to the grammy awards, but mostly amazed at what the girls are not wearing.

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Re: I apologise in advance

Re : I apologise in advance --- Jenny Robo
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Feb 22,2001,06:16 Top of Thread Archive
Hey Jenny, complain all you like - we are hear to listen and understand - we've all been through similar circumstances.
It seems to me (I'm originally from U.K. so perhaps have a right to say this), but that England is going through a very bad time right now with its health system. I know my sister and husband have had awful times with doctors - has even complained about them and had arbitrators in to discuss circumstances with them and the doctors. Not that it has particularly got them anywhere, excpet they felt better facing the doctor with the arbitrator and telling him off! My sister lived in Skelmersdale for a time and I visited them there - that's on the outskirts of Liverpool I believe.
We, in Canada, are going through similar times with our health system - its not good!
Be firm on not taking that drug - YOU DO KNOW BEST ABOUT YOUR BODY.
I hope you find a better doctor who truly understands and listens to you.
God Bless
June inToronto

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