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As you all know, I have been on the BB for about 1 1/2 years and during that time have read on many occasions about plugs in the tear ducts. I've never had them and I don't understand why a person with dry eyes would have the tear ducts plugged. I would think it would make the dry eyes worse. Could someone explain to me why this is done?

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Posted by Virginia , Feb 25,2001,19:21 Top of Thread Archive
The tear ducts are where the tears drain out of your eyes. By having them plugged, what little tears your eyes do make will stay in your eyes longer rather than draining out. When I first started having BEB symptoms, one of the first things I had done was cauterization of my tear ducts (after plugs refused to stay in). Before that I could actually taste the eye drops when I put them in - they drained out so fast. My doctor said I had a very efficient tear disposal system. I trusted him to understand the situation, because he had his cauterized, too. It really helped the dry eyes, but, of course, did not solve the BEB problem.
Virginia in AL

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