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I was given this information by Bruce McTavish of Allergan (Toronto);

web page:
(contains good information plus patient assistance program for botox for uninsured follk. Hot line tel # 1-800-530-6680 and Ffrequently asked questions about botox.

Bruce said "I think it is appropriate for any patient that has questions about potential therapeutic options to discuss this with their doctor. For basic questions about botox, the patients can review our web page. If the patients need further clarification about botox they can contact their local botox medical consultant, and their extension numbers are as follows:

Main number 1-800-668-6424

Bruce McTavish, Eastern Toronto and Ontario, ext. 2047
Kim Renton Mississauga and Western GTA and Muskoka, ext 2025
Suzanne Brodhurst, Sothwestern Ontario and Northern Ontario, ext 2046
Tim Wenman B.C., ext 2001
Tim Alcorn Alberta, Sask. and Manitoba/Thunder Bay, ext 2019
Louis Phillip Beliveau, French Quebec (Quebec City based), ext 2009
Jason Herod (English Quebec (Montreal based), ext 2003 Lorna MacMillan, Maritimes and Newfoundland, ext dial 0 and ask operator".

I hope you might find this information helpful.


June in Toronto

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