Another natural supplement for dry eye

Posted by Shanasy in IL , Mar 01,2001,21:12   Archive
Here's a website that offers a another natural supplement for dry eye

They even have a "Suggested Nutritional Regimen for dry eye patients"
Following is stuff I copied (hope that's legal) from their website:

Until recently, the primary treatments for dry eye problems have consisted of topical eye drops, ointments and a simple procedure that involves sealing the tear drain. However, scientists are beginning to realize the role nutritional supplements play in relieving dry eye symptoms.A new product called HydroEye, manufactured by ScienceBased Health, Inc. is designed to treat the root of the problem rather than simply ease the symptoms of dry eye. This specially formulated capsule improves the quality of the eye's lubrication by enhancing the production of the building blocks of the tear film: mucous, water, and oil. This all-natural product contains essential vitamins, minerals and natural oils that stimulate the body's production of tears.

Hope this helps SOMEBODY!!!!

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Re: Another natural supplement for dry eye

Re : Another natural supplement for dry eye --- Shanasy in IL
Posted by Dee in OR (Dee L.,Dee in OR), Mar 01,2001,21:44 Top of Thread Archive
Thanks Sista Blinkie. You're always ahead of the game. That's good. I know it keeps me from getting too compliant with botox. I am still using the last supplements you recommended - MoisturEyes from Carlson Labs. and I think they help.

Dee in OR a.k.a. Sista Shrinkie

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