Good, Bad and Indifferent

Posted by Jenny Robo (JENNY ROBINSON,Jenny Robo), Mar 01,2001,22:14   Archive

I have spoken to the specialist, and he agrees not to push me to take the Lamotrigine if I am nervous of it.

Also, I am on day 4 of not smoking - and am so pleased - God is very good.


Daughter Emma was told yesterday that if the cysts on her ovaries do not get smaller, they will operate when she is 20 weeks pregnant bless her.


So I am staying on the drugs Im on now, at a reduced dose, altho, being off work means I relax more and it seems easier.

He is going to ring me in 6 weeks, and then if nothing changes, we will leave it, if it deteriorates too much, then research I suppose, there are no more options - no more drugs we ran out or they're not suitable.

I am so so please that everyone is ok. I was really worried about all of you - we are foot and mouthing over here, lol - actually its getting a bit serious - hope it dont get over there

Love you all, and pray for you all

take care


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