Wish me well

Posted by Alan Phair , Mar 03,2001,13:38   Archive
Just thought that I would let all of you know that I will be going to Utah next Tuesday to have the Lower Myectomy done by Dr. Anderson. At first, I was going to put it off until next year because of all the other injuries that I have had recently but my wife reminded me that the Olympics wre out there next year and I probably wouldn't get a reasonable room or flight. Besides that, Dr. Anderson probably would be spending most of his time at the games.

I was able to schedule the operation within a few weeks which was great. I would appreciate your saying a few prayers for me as you did in the past. They certainly have helped me in the past.

I will try and take pictures again like the last time although I am not so sure that most people enjoyed seeing them.

We are expecting a major snowstorm and I am not sure if I am going to be able to get out on Tuesday but we will see. They claim this may be the storm of the century with predictions of over two feet but you know these weather men. It has been a long winter but I got all my plants started inthe basement so I am ready for spring.

Again, wish me well and I will be talking with you soon...Alan

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