PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!Massive Accommodation Problems, Academia

Posted by Dave from Michigan , Mar 03,2001,15:16   Archive
Greetings All:

I'm back! (...and if i can help you the way folks on the list have helped me in the past, I certainly will do my best!)

My question: What in the world do I tell accommodation specialists who have never herad of Bleph and similar disorders besides explain to them my predicament and refer them to the terrific pages about bleph and distonia? Have any of you any friendly tips for explaining your unique needs to well meaning and friendly accommodation specialists whom are informed about how to help folks who are totally blind? (and recommend things for you or others, things which are probably suitable for totally blind folks, God bless 'em, but are not only useless for folks with bleph and similar conditions, but extremely inappropriate as to get in the way of (and prevent) serious work?)

Please help! ( Don't want to give up a hard won ten year career over a (insert favorite perjorative term) disability which accommodation specialists don't recognise )


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