Posted by Joanne Matuzas , Mar 03,2001,16:00   Archive
Has anyone had any experience with this muscle relaxant for BEB
or dystonia? Thanks for your response. Joanne M. San Diego, CA

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Re: Drug-Zanaflex

Re : Drug-Zanaflex --- Joanne Matuzas
Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Mar 04,2001,15:06 Top of Thread Archive
I have used tranq's and muscle relaxants. They do some good, but the danger is that they may become addictive, especially in doses effective for prevention of spasms. I'm not familiar with Zanaflex so can't comment on it, just on the side effects of other drugs in that category. They reduce your stress level, which is very important in dealing with BEB, but there are other ways of doing that without drugs. Also simply reducing stress is not a cure by any means.

I use Botox, plus stress reduction techniques, which is very effective for me. I still have trouble with stress from time to time.

--- Lynn

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