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Posted by becca , Mar 04,2001,17:39   Archive
Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing fine. And in good spirits. The first time I posted a mes. I didn't tell you too much about myself, so here goes and your input is much appriciated.
In February of 2000 I started being sensitive to light and my eyes were blinking too much. and the 27th of February I was on my way to work and my blinking really bad and I thought I mentally didn't want to go to work. I was crying I couldn't see, finally I got to work and I broke down and cried. The vice-principal said I should go home. I did and went to the doctor they gave muscle relaxers and I was told that I was suffering from anxiety. I went to 4 different opthamoligest and they said I had a form of pink eye. I was given artifical tears and sent home. All this time I told all the doctors that I had a very bad headache and thats when they gave me the muscles relaxers and then I saw a 5 opthomaligist and he sent my urgent care where the doctor said I was having a migrane. I don't know about migraines. She sent me to have a ct and it came out fine. She injected me with something for the headache and was sent home. I was going to be fine. I fell asleep and the minute I woke I felt the headache still there. I was given another shot 3 days later by another doctor. and nothing worked. I was told a male doctor that I was stressed. Being 44 and menopausal and having grown kids at home. He said I needed councleing. I went and they put me off work for 3 weeks and I was put on Paxil. They said I had anxiaty . The principal had me fill out a workmens comp report. I switched insurance providers and THANK GOD , the first doctor that saw me sent me to a neuroligist and he took one look at me and said I had a Severe case of Blepho. I was given my first injection in Dec. but nothing happened he gave 20 mg. total. Next time he will give me 40 mg. But I asked him he could get me off work till the next shot and God Bless him, he did. that will be on the 14th of March. Now my workmens comp adjuster said according to the paper work from the doctors my condition was not caused by my work but was agrivated by it. So what does that mean????? Should I ask my neuroligist doctor to get me off for the 5 months or if the shot does work should I work till I can't stand it any longer. Have any of you ever of workmens comp putting you off on disablitiy? I am stressing over this . pleas help.

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