just received disability packet

Posted by becca , Mar 06,2001,13:37   Archive
Good morning to everyone, yesterday I received the packet from Mary in Texas and on the paper work (As experienced by Grace Anne Henry) on the last page is says OTHER SUPPORTING DOCUMENTES # 1 BEBRF PAGES [9PAGES].... where do I get the 9 pages from. I feel dumb :[
thanks everyone. and have a good day .......

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Re: just received disability packet

Re : just received disability packet --- becca
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Mar 06,2001,13:51 Top of Thread Archive
I don't know Becca, about the other 9 pages. "Other supporting documents" would be anything else you have to attach to SUPPORT your case (attach ANY written word about beb/dystonia to help them understand what its all about - brochures, facts, etc.). Don't feel dumb - it must be an ommission. Contact BEBRF and find out. Good luck.

June in Toronto

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