Botox Injections

Posted by Joanne Matuzas , Mar 13,2001,14:03   Archive
I recently asked you all about where you receive your injections around
the eye area. I usually get injected around top eyebrows and sides
of eye--this time, he injected me all around the lower eye and up to
the side--so what is happening now is that my upper lid is doing some
spasming or what I call fluttering but since the lower lid is "frozen"
it can't squeeze!! My understanding from all your previous postings
was that you get injected all around the eye--it's like the first few
times he just did upper/side and this time he just did lower/side..
So the upper part of my eye is still "kicking" but the lower part cannot
come up to meet it to make the "squeeze"...He did not explain to me
just what he was doing--I figured it out when the botox took effect!!
Any comments? Thanks. Joanne M. San Diego, CA

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Re: Botox Injections

Re : Botox Injections --- Joanne Matuzas
Posted by Judi in NC , Mar 13,2001,14:21 Top of Thread Archive
I've had only 2 sets, but they were both all around my eyes.

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