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So you have set the date, Shirley, it must have been a tough decision to make - ops are never nice or easy. But I wish you only the very best of good luck - you have a great doctor who is very experienced and I KNOW you have quizzed him about all aspects of the procedure. I also know how much difficulty you have been having with the eye closure - I wish you absolute success and relief from them. Of course you will reporting to us as soon as you can afterwards:-)
God's Blessings

June in Toronto

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Re : APRIL 17TH - SHIRLEY'S SCHEDULED OP --- June in Toronto
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Mar 14,2001,13:00 Top of Thread Archive
Thanks June,
I promise to give a blow by blow description. I'll even try to post before and after pictures. He has changed the way that he goes about the procedure. For the last 4 months or so, he has been doing upper myectomies one eye at a time. He will do one and keep it bandaged for 5 days and then do the other and keep it bandaged for 5 days. I didn't particularly care for this idea due to the extended time out there and additional expenses incurred. He has agreed to do mine at the same time. The only reason that I could get out of them for doing the procedure one eye at a time is that they had received many complaints from ladies that didn't like being bandaged and without vision for upwards of 5 days or longer and they did have a lady fall when she had both eyes bandaged. They say that leaving the bandages on for longer periods of time helps to promote the healing process. It may have more to do with seeing oneself with all the bruising and swelling.
Dr. Patrinely did Virginia's surgery and she had her bandages off the next day if I remember correctly. Anyway, I've already been giving them a hard time as I will have them do the surgery on a Tuesday and they will be removing the bandages on Friday morning at my request.
Nurses make such horrible patients. Sometimes we know more than we should.
Do you guys realize that moving the fat around to fill in the areas where the muscle is removed is considered cosmetic surgery? (this is rearranging my own fat, mind you). and that part alone costs $2,500 to $3,500. Somehow, I wasn't expecting that, either. I'm sure that it will all be quite an experience. And I promise to tell all.
The airlines will probably go out on strike about the time that we need to be flying out there. I've got to get out of this negative, pessimistic attitude. Where is John M. when I need him to give me an attitude adjustment?

Shirley in AR. counting down the days and hoping my parent's health doesn't deteriorate more than it is now.

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