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Posted by Alan Phair , Mar 15,2001,10:10   Archive
Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I am back from Utah. Dr. Anderson, as usual, did an excellent job although I still look lke I have been in a fight with Mike Tyson (at least I have my ears intact). I took a few pictures and will post for those who are interested when I get them developed. Actually, my left eye is much more swollen than the right but then he did a little more work on that eye correcting a couple of cosmetic issues left over from the last operation.

It is too early to tell about the success but I am sure that I will be better off than had I not done it. The lower part did not seem as drastic as the upper since the muscles do not extend down as far as you would think. I will still have some sqeezing from the meige in the lower part of the face but he is hoping that the eyes will at least stay open.

Boy were we lucky that we made the last minute decision to fly out on that Sunday morning instead of waiting till Tuesday when our regular flight was scheduled. Even though we could only get one ticket on the connecting flight in Chicago, I took the chance that someone would not show up or cancel. We lucked out. Not so lucky on the way home however as we missed the connecting flight in Chicago and had to wait an additional five hours for the next flight. We did not get home until 2:30AM. As it turned out by the way, my town had a total of 42 inches of snow the week we were gone and Salt Lake City was in the sixties.

It always amazes me how something happens that tends to keep me focused and maintain a positive attitude. When we were in the airport in Chicago waiting the five hours, sitting across from us was a very jovial couple who had a similar wait. I was not in too good a mood between the eyes and my still healing heal. I quickly decided that I was being a jerk as there was nothing I could do about the situation and after all, if they could laugh about it, why couldn't I. You see, both of these people were blind. Boy what a lesson. Anyway, I will try and update you on my progress when the swelling goes down some.

I cannot get caught up on the old posts as reading is tough. The swelling is in line with where my bifocal reading portion is and I am not comfortable. Talk to you soon and thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. they worked.

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