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Anyone Notice
Posted by: APhair
02/12/2004, 14:52:04

I was watching a debate among the Presidential candidates last month and the camera several times focused on John Edward's father in the audience. It appeared to me that he had Blepharospasm as he was squeezing his eyes and spasming continually everytime they showed him. I wonder if he is aware of it. I considered contacting mr. Edwards to see but decided against it as I figured he had enough on his mind with the campaign. When things shake out however, I think it would be worthwhile following up. Not to take advantage of a situation, but he certainly could be a good spokesperson for the disease if his father had it (nto that I wish he does). Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else noticed..Alan

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Re: Anyone Notice
Re: Anyone Notice -- APhair Top of thread Archive
Posted by: Debbie
02/12/2004, 17:37:11

No, I didn't notice, but I think you should pursue it, and I will start paying attention to Mr. Edwards Senior from now on.


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