Just when I thought I had this licked

Posted by catherine pender (Catherine Pender,catherine pender), Mar 19,2001,20:25   Archive
Well I have to eat crow. I have been boasting about not having to have any botox treatments since last June. Now I have an appointment at the end of March. I'm not complaining about that/
Virgina or Cynthia i think that I read that you have not had it done yet. Hope it last as long for you.
My husband noticed that I was looking up to see every once in a while. especially when I am tired. I thought maybe it was because of the dry eyes, but after a couple of weeks I am giving in and having them. I have been trying to ween myself off the lorazapam but will have to wait for the botox to kick in.
I will probably get less than 50 units but it comes packaged in 100 units. Can they freeze this stuff to keep for next time. I know that is only has a shelf life of about 4 hours. I hate to waste it when someone else could use it. (Maybe will get some for the wrinkles after all! Whats one more needle)

Catherine in Calgary where we had a freek snow storm 12degree C at 8:30 am and -2 C by 10. then by 12 the sun was shining and snow gone!

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Re: Just when I thought I had this licked

Re : Just when I thought I had this licked --- catherine pender
Posted by Virginia , Mar 19,2001,23:14 Top of Thread Archive
Actually I have had botox since my myectomy. Those darned old lower lids just wouldn't cooperate. He did lower the dosage, though.

Good luck with your injections.

Virginia in AL, where your freak snow storm is the standard kind.

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