Don't be discouraged

Posted by Nilda Rendino , Mar 19,2001,21:59   Archive
I hate to think that people who have never been to a blepharospasm conference would be put off because of the heat in Arizona in August. I've been to three of the conferences and like most of us, I just go for the information, presentations, access to some of the top doctors in the field, and camaraderie. The schedule is so full that there's no time to go outside the hotel. If you want to get the most out of the conference, you'll be indoors.

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Re: Don't be discouraged

Re : Don't be discouraged --- Nilda Rendino
Posted by Carol Thoma , Mar 19,2001,23:01 Top of Thread Archive
Just as a post script to Nilda's message, I want to note that every place you go in Phoenix or Scottsdale is air conditioned. You go from an air conditioned airport via an air conditioned taxi or shuttle to an air conditioned hotel. If you arrive at night, it will only be in the 80s or low 90s instead of the hundreds. And as you'll hear time and again while you're here, "It's a dry heat!" Nothing like North Carolina or Oklahoma where you get out of the car in summer and are immediately knocked over by the combination of heat and humidity. (It does rain here in the summer--short, hard thunder showers and sometimes glorious storms, but they always feel refreshing. Maybe because the desert needs the rain. And the rainbows over the mountains look like a postcard.)


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