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Posted by Peter Hillier , Mar 25,2001,07:02   Archive
This may be a somewhat lengthy message.
Four years ago my wife, Yvonne, developed blepharospasm, after 18 months of being diagnosed as having Hayfever a proper diagnosis was finally arrived at, here in the UK it would seem that Blepharospasm is not that common and when mentioned a visible step backwards is evident as if you had said "Leprosy".
Yvonne's blepharospasm is so severe that prior to treatment she could not open her eyes at all without forcing the lids apart, after having the Botox injections once a month to no effect the treatment has now progressed to the injections every three months, but, well over the top to the extent that her eyelids flop (as does the rest of her face) and her vision mists over, but, she can keep her eyse open with glasses with Ptosis props.
Now, this treatment is on our National Health and whilst adequate, it is bland and clinical, the only alternative apparently on offer is to have some of the eyelid muscles stipped out, but this sounds a bit defeatist to me. You lot across the pond (Cockney for the Atlantic) seem to get a better deal mainly, I suppose, because with a bigger population there are more of you with this monster, what I am searching for is any advice on research, homeopathic or alternative treatments, other drugs available albeit privately (we can go expensively private here but don't tell Tony Blair) or any advice that may be of help.
I thank you and wish you all a very early "Merry Christmas" as we may now shut because of F & M as the disinfectant and bonfire wood is running out.

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