BB etiquette.

Posted by Peter Hillier , Mar 29,2001,11:49   Archive
I know I am the new boy here but can I put my twopennyworth in about the BB please?
I have only been with you for a few days now but I have, on Yvonne's behalf, learnt a great deal of ancillary stuff about Blepharospasm and believe you me it is good. I have not found it at all difficult and the friendliness of you lot is marvellous.
As you know Blepharospasm is very rare and absolutely nobody knows anything about it other than sufferers and it is only the sufferers who will visit here to exchange very valuable information and I think it will end up as un-visited if everyone were only allowed to confine their exchanges to the main subject, the Main Man has said "All you blepharos go to a corner and talk amongst yourselves" and here we are in that corner.
Don't lose your sense of humour or all is lost.
Also, Yvonne is 50 this year, but she has yet to venture into the realm of computers, in any case she would have to get me off here with a shoehorn so you're stuck with me for now.
The weather her on the Isle of Wight is still wet, the English Channel, which we look out onto, is quiet and now a joke, Define gross stupidity - 144 men in one room.

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