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Riboflavin/B2 Test
Posted by: June in Toronto
02/16/2004, 17:23:00

I had a physical last week and asked the doctor if I can get a B2 test (as discussed in a number of posts). She agreed - but I haven't been able to get it done (she doesn't know either where I can get it done)! None of the local labs do it - none of the hospitals either. I finally asked my Naturopath and he phoned back when I was out and said that "checking for B2 is very simple - just see if the urine is yellow". "If I was taking 50 mg of B-Complex the B2 levels should be sufficient"

I know that taking vitamin C can turn the urine yellow - so am now sure what to do - guess I'll phone him back, but maybe I'll have to come to the U.S.A. for a B2 test:-)

June in Toronto frustrated over this.....

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Re: Riboflavin/B2 Test/b vitamins
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Posted by: Kathy in Atlanta
03/22/2004, 08:38:05

June, i regularly take a b-vitamin complex with C and indeed your urine turns yellow as what your body does not need is excreted as these are watersoluble vitamins. If your urine wasn't yellow, perhaps you are absorbing them and need them and should take them on a more regular basis. I can always feel now when i need to up this particular vitamin.

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