Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Apr 04,2001,15:57   Archive
I know that we have recently posted a lot of bad experiences with botox injections. I would really hate for this to deter someone from getting the injections that could benefit from them. I believe that the vast majority of us find them somewhat uncomfortable. Of the 13 injections that I get, only one of them hurts. I have found that by using the Emla cream that it takes care of that problem. I don't dread getting my injections and they are over quickly. I think that most everyone has a fear of needles and this is a sensitive area. But, how bad can it really be when so many of us get them and then return to get them every couple of months. I think that a few people have some bad experiences and that is what sticks in our mind.
If someone is really terrified of getting the injections, I think that they should by all means use the Emla cream and know how and where to apply it and possibly take some Tylenol or ask their physician for something mild to help relax them beforehand.
I was scared the first time that I got my injections, but frustration over not being able to see won out over the fear. I would have let them try most anything by the time that I got my first injections.
So please don't let a few bad experiences stop you from getting help.

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