First time for Botox

Posted by coleen dennis , Apr 11,2001,21:59   Archive
Well, I survived my first set of injections. It wasn't as painful as I thought it might be, but my left eye is bruising. The doctor says that is because I tend to bleed and if I had told him that before he started, he would have applied ice packs to my eyes before he started. I know I tend to bleed more than others but I hadn't realized I needed to be concerned for this. Anyway, my family have said that it looks like you can see my eyes a little better already. I didn't read the BB before I went to the appt so I didn't get to ask about the EMLA cream but I can ask when I go to see the doctor in May to let him know how I am progressing. Thanks for the info on the Lacrilube (?) and the eye drops. I already use the eyedrops several times a day for dry eyes.

Will try to check back tomorrow to let you know if I look like I have done battle with a boxer. I bought a cool mask for my eyes as well as a night mask since the doctor said I may experience having my eyes not close all of the way as a possible side effect.

Gotta go for now and help my daughter with a spreadsheet for one of her classes. Take care...and thanks so much for the moral support.

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Re: First time for Botox

Re : First time for Botox --- coleen dennis
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), Apr 12,2001,05:00 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Coleen, glad to hear you managed your first set of botox injections ok. I bruise most of the time with the injections also - and I bleed even though I cut out all-known blood thinners that I can think of before I get them. My doctor hasn't suggested applying ice packs before injections - I'll mention that to him. Let us know, next time, if this helps.
Don't forget to use the thick lacrilub-type product at night for at least 2 weeks after the injections to seal the eyes -personally I use the ointment 365 nights a year - which my opthalmologist recommended. Take care -hope you respond real well to the botox.

June in Toronto

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