Arnica may help???

Posted by Pam Brockwell , Apr 11,2001,22:17   Archive
Hello Coleen
I have just read your posting and I am pleased your first injections went well. I am still waiting for a correct diagnosis for my problem.
I am hoping to avoid Botox, we will see. I had never read of anyone bruising before and wondered if a homeopathic remedy called Arnica would help. I have used it for years with children and it is wonderful for bruising and swelling. It is easily obtained here in Health shops and most pharmacies. Have you heard of it? I suggest that anyone try it before injections. Take pills or drops the night before, in the morning, just before you have the injections and regularly over the next few days. It cannot hurt you at all. There is oinment available too but probably not so good to use around the eye. I hope you are feeling okay.

Cheers from Pam in New Zealand where we are getting the tale end of a storm that is hanging around down here????

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