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My next thing I wonder about is whether the amount of salt intake has a bearing on how badly dry our eyes get. I know there are so many other factors that "help" dry eyes be that way, like wind, air conditioning, etc. But I just wondered about salt intake in itself.
I know with me, I LOVE sunflower seeds - the ones you have to crack open and my mouth gets so dried that the inside of my lips feel like prunes from it. Then I end up drinking lots and lots more water, which I know is good for you, but it seems it would take tons of gallons more water to combat that much salt intake, and in turn may squelch the moisture in all parts of the body, including the eyes.

graceanne in port orchard who will stop wondering about things for a while. (Sure wish genealogy could be done in braille)

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Re : SALT INTAKE & DRY EYES --- grace anne
Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Apr 13,2001,10:12 Top of Thread Archive
You want to watch out for anything that increases your salt intake - that will send your blood pressure through the roof and give you REAL problems like an early heart attack.

That's why they put the little sheet on packaged goods now, showing the calories, fat, salt (i.e. sodium), iron, etc. So you can keep track of these things in your diet. Too much sodium is really bad for your heart.

--- Lynn

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