Posted by Pam Brockwell , Apr 16,2001,21:02   Archive
Good info on the light problems. I have problems with light too and do the same things with glasses and hats that you all seem to do. At home our dining room and kitchen areas have halogen lighting and I find it much softer. I do not need to wear dark glasses in these rooms or wear my visor. A standard halogen uplight in a room gives very soft lighting and I find it great. I am going to be taking my lamp when I go out to friends to dinner if this problem keeps up. Joking?????

Cheers from Pam in NZ

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Re: Lighting

Re : Lighting --- Pam Brockwell
Posted by Delaine Inman , Apr 17,2001,23:05 Top of Thread Archive
I use pink light bulbs all over the house where they will fit and it helps.

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