Question for June in Toronto

Posted by catherine pender (Catherine Pender,catherine pender), Apr 25,2001,20:24   Archive
Hi June

I was wondering if you have had the FL-41 coating on your glasses and if so how did you go about sending them to the US. I am think of doing it but last time I ordered anything the cost was outrageous!
Catherine in Calgary

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Re: Question for June in Toronto

Re : Question for June in Toronto --- catherine pender
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), May 01,2001,23:04 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Sally,

Caroline answered your question for me - I haven't tried the Fl-41 coating for glasses. I only use glasses for close-up stuff and dark glasses for light sensitivity. Hope it works for you, if you try it.

June in Toronto, who got back from a week in San Francisco just this evening - had a great time - met up with Caroline for the first time as well and shared stuff over a long, leisurely lunch.

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