Newspaper article and HOPE

Posted by M Chiasson , Apr 27,2001,08:04   Archive
Dear friends:

You will recall when I became functionally blind in 1996 from Blepharospasm and how Botox and Medication failed me. It was a Myectomy operation in 1998 by Dr. David Jordan in Ottawa Canada, that put me back on the road to success to the point where in the last couple of weeks, I have driven my car all alone for several hours at a time.

Our Provincial Paper, The Halifax Herald, did a story on me and included a picture of me getting into a van preparing to drive.

1. Would it be proper to post the newspaper item on the bulletin board?
2. If so, there is a picture with the article which I think helps to see the level of improvement. If I cut and paste the article, I don't think the picture will come through. Can a picture be posted on the board?

My only reason for suggesting this posting is not to blow my own horn but to give hope to the people out there who are going through the same thing. I am not 100% cured but have come a long way in 6 years.

I'd be interested in your honest response by posting. Thanks.

Marcellin Chiasson, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada

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