FL-41 Glasses

Posted by caroline donald (bH,caroline donald), Apr 30,2001,12:21   Archive
Hi Catherine: I met up with June (Toronto), in California last Friday when she was visiting the San Francisco, Bay Area. I told her about your question regarding FL-41 glasses. She said she had never had any done, just uses her regular ones and some wrap-around dark ones. She will, no doubt, post you on Wednesday(?) when she gets back.

We had a nice time together, in the Berkeley area (went around and around a little bit on the freeways because I don't know that area at all). It was interesting to meet some one with the same problem as I. June seems to have hers very well under control with the help of Botox.

We spent about 2-3 hours at a restaurant table chatting about our similar backgrounds, kids etc. We are both from England left there about the year, have had Blepharospasm the same amount of time, and are the same age.

I hope June enjoyed the rest of her stay.

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