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new med
Posted by: dottie
02/21/2004, 08:03:57

do you know how long these children have been on this med? I started with 25mg for a week, then 40mg for a week, then I go to get my blood pressure checked. there are alot of side effects, but nothing yet. Thank you for the response, I appreciate any advice I can get.

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Re: new med
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Posted by: Shelley
02/21/2004, 12:49:37

Dottie - I don't know how long, but I believe there are two on this particular med (I have 6 on meds in all, one going on shortly) and I think one is new to it. I don't know details, but it doesn't seem to be working as well, at least on the child who just switched to it. Maybe needs dosage adjustment.

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Re: new med
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Posted by: dottie
02/23/2004, 11:26:48

Shelley, This is what I found on Strattera, How does Strattera work? Strattera works by selectively blocking the reuptake of norepinephrine, a chemical messenger, neurotransmitter by certain nerve cells in the brain. This action increases the availability of norepinephrine which is thought to be essential in regulating impulse control, organization and attention. The precise mechanism by which Strattera works on ADHD is not known.

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