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Another question to Anamarie - Non-glare coating
Posted by: Peter from Brisbane
02/22/2004, 17:47:39

Hi Anamarie,

I spoke to my optician about this and he has not heard of the non-glare coating that you mentioned. Perhaps it is not available in this country. (FL-41 was not available in this country until I nagged my optician so much that he imported some) He uses a product called "multicoat" but he maintains that multicoat is to allow more light through a lens. So this doesn't sound like the same thing.

Can I ask you to do me a favour? Would you be able to ask your optician for the product name and perhaps the name of the manufacturer of the non-glare coating and I will pass this on to my optician? Can you also ask him if the non-glare can be applied to FL-41 lenses?

Thanks again


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