Posted by grace anne , May 19,2001,18:52   Archive
I wonder how many of you out there know braille, or are learning it. I know that everyone's sight is affected in different ways with this BEB, but I am taking preventative measures by taking courses in braille. My vision is going downhill and reading is becoming more and more difficult. IF anything should happen that I cannot read the written page, I refuse to be left out in the dark. Taking these courses has also given me a greater sense of control over what I can do for myself, and allows me to explore many things I have wanted to pursue in my retirement years.
If anyone out there is interested in learning Braille, I can give you information on the Hadley School for the Blind which is cost free and done as correspondence courses, which means you do it at your own pace and in your own home.
I'm sorry if this sounds like a commercial. I don't mean it to be. I feel if it can help others on this BBB, it's worth plugging.

graceanne in port orchard

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Re : BRAILLE, ANYONE? --- grace anne
Posted by June in Toronto (June Floyd,June in Toronto), May 19,2001,20:40 Top of Thread Archive
I'm proud of you, Grace Anne, for learning braille. Is it difficult? I don't feel I have a need for it but would if necessary.

Best of luck

June in Toronto

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Re : Re: BRAILLE, ANYONE? --- June in Toronto
Posted by grace anne , May 20,2001,10:07 Top of Thread Archive
So far I haven't found braille to be difficult. But this is only my second course and I'm not sure how many there are before exhausting all of them.

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