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I've been listening to my tapes again from the 2000 conference. The Allergan representative spoke regarding Botox. He is a neurologist who is the medical director for Allergan.
He did relate that neurologists and ophthalmologists don't get a whole lot of training in BEB
He did mention that in 1997 a new formulation of botox was made which reduced the antibody load by 80%. Since that time, with the protein load down 80%, no one has been seeing antibody problems.
He also said that Myobloc has 4 to 5 times the protein load and in the studies that were done on Myobloc versus Botox, that Myobloc did not last as long.
A, B and F strains are currently being used with F being experimental and being used in Japan.
The toxin works on any hyperactive muscle.
The botox toxin works to bind to nerve endings and prevents transmission of the signal to the muscle.
They have found that after giving botox, that nerve sprouting does occur. New sprouts then generate new endings and start to touch down and produce a message and then the new sprouts regress as original ones turn back on when the botox is starting to wear off.
This would explain why I had nose scrunching and lip pulling up when given the botox and then it disappeared when the botox was wearing off.

Just something to think about.

Shirley in AR. where it is getting cloudy and may rain. I hope so.

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