Driving and riding in a conversion van

Posted by Delaine Inman , May 25,2001,23:19   Archive
Some of my worst symptoms occur in a vehicle...even as a passenger, I feel like I am tortured as soon as the vehicle moves. A lot of the tricks that use to work don't work anymore. We use to travel a lot and I would drive as much as my husband and we loved it so much. Now he does all the driving on trips and I recline with my eyes covered listening to a book on tape and trying to get my mind off how miserable I am. I do drive for a few miles at a time to run errands within a 3 to 6 mile radius here in Columbia. I have a van and do much better in that than in my husband's truck which sits really low to the ground. I have been wondering if a large conversion van would help because I'd be sitting really high and looking down rather than up which is more comfortable, my light sensitivity since I could pull the shades down and the motion sensitivity since a conversion van is larger and has comfortable seating. Also if my husband has to do most of the driving it would be more comfortable for him. Does anyone out there have a large conversion van and if you do, does it help? I drove one very briefly and my eyes did better and the ride was much better as a passenger, but you know how this BEB works....you never know what causes things to help.....It could have been a fluke. My husband is so wonderful that if he thought it would help me he will forego getting the truck he wants and get a conversion van. I would like some input from others out there.

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