has anyone had vertigo?

Posted by becca , Jun 05,2001,16:54   Archive
I had vertigo in 1996 and the doctor said it was an inner ear infection. anyway it lasted around 20 days. and ever since then i think it is someway conecceted. I still have to hold on to the walls in the shower when my eyes are closed. what do you think?

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Re: has anyone had vertigo?

Re : has anyone had vertigo? --- becca
Posted by linda peterson , Jun 06,2001,22:38 Top of Thread Archive
Like you, I had an "inner ear infection" in about '93. Then I developed sensitivity to motion such as rocking or swinging (both of which I love). Subsequent to that, I had several episodes of dizziness. Finally, my doctor sent me to an ENT specialist who diagnosed me with Meniere's Disease. Primary triad of symptoms include dizziness, feeling of fullness in the ear, and low tone hearing loss. The dizziness is intermittent lasting various lengths of time. Meniere's is supposedly caused by excess fluid in the inner ear space and treatment is designed to reduce the fluid. I am on a diuretic (dyazide) and a small vessel vasodilator (papaverine). It was wonderful to have these drugs work. I have been on them 2 and 1/2 years. I had to go off of them for a week at 2 different times the past few months because of some other problems and the symptoms returned within the week.

Yes, when my eyes close, I do feel a little off kilter especially if I am walking. I just stop, get my eyes to open then move it out!

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