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Posted by marie berger , Jun 08,2001,06:08   Archive
Good morning All,
Received my Botox injections on Wed (60 units) and am now waiting for them to take effect. Last time (Mar) I had 50 units and it only lasted about a week during which time I was able to drive, shop alone, etc. This time I prepared by having Acupuncture treatments to calm my anxieties. (Also taking Zoloft) Seems to have worked and I feel better this morning than I have in a long time. I go for another Acupuncture treatment today and hope to be able to drive soon. I do believe that rest between any tasks, no matter how trivial, has been very helpful for me. Of course, being retired and married to Mr. Wonderful, I don't have any small children around to make demands on my time. I applaud you young women who are coping with this awful disease while raising a family.

Marie in Florida getting a lot of needlework done

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Re: Botox, accupunture and stress.

Re : Good morning --- marie berger
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Jun 08,2001,15:49 Top of Thread Archive
It was good to hear that your botox injections went well. Keep us informed on how that acupuncture is doing. I tried it a few times but I wasn't seeing the results and it was too expensive as my insurance didn't cover it. I think a lot depends on who you see and their expertise with it. Some people feel that they have really benefited from acupuncture. I'm interested in hearing about your continuing experiences with it and how you feel that it is helping.

I have to agree with you regarding the rest and not getting over tired or over stressed.

I also love to do needlework and hope to be able to get back to it one of these days.

Shirley in AR.

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