Please Watch Your Mailbox ...

Posted by Moderator-JB , Jun 11,2001,17:51   Archive
Alert! Please Watch Your Mailbox.

(Please skip this if you read it before. To keep it fresh and at the top of the Bulletin Board
we are listing it as a new entry several times. )

Questionnaires were mailed late last week by BEBRF to all patients on their mailing list,
which includes most of the participants of this Bulletin Board. This is a study being done
by Dr. Mahant at Barrows Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Mahant is a member of
Stacys group at Barrows. Dr. Stacy and the Barrows Institute are sponsors of the BEBRF
Conference this August in Scottsdale.

As with any study, there is an Informed Consent form and Release of Medical Information
form. These are standard forms to protect the researchers and to assure the patients that
only qualified medical personnel will have access to the information. You name, address
and medical information will not be available to anyone not related to this study.

This is an opportunity for each of us to aid in a research project that may shed some light
on the cause (or causes) of blepharospasm and Meige. Please do your part and return the
completed questionnaire by JUNE 30th.

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Re: Please Watch Your Mailbox .../Haven't received mine yet

Re : Please Watch Your Mailbox ... --- Moderator-JB
Posted by Sally - in - Idaho , Jun 11,2001,22:46 Top of Thread Archive
I have not received my questionnaire yet, although I should be on the BEBRF mailing list. I'm watching the mailbox.

Sally in North Idaho

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