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Posted by deborah , Jun 21,2001,21:38   Archive
I am a 50 year old with grown children and grandchildren. I have been diagnosed with ST but have symptoms of BEB and OMD. I believe I got this from being on Prozac for 3 years. My doctor gave me prozac to assist me with my menopausal symptoms. If it was up to him I would still be on the "wonder drug". I finally quit the drug last August. Within 1 month of being off the drug I developed ST. My neck pulls to the right and worsens when I am lying down. Two months ago I started jaw movements and last month I began with eye spasms and soreness. The latter symptoms are currently intermitent whereas the neck spasms and pulling never stops. To summarize, I have had this disorder now for about 10 months, I do not have any significant pain as yet but my anxiety level is extremely high. Some of the questions I have are:
1) does tardive dystonia progress the same as adult onset dystonia and what can I expect in terms of progression
2)is pain always associated with this disorder
I'm not sure that my questions make sense as I am a bit nervous writing to the board.

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Re: New with questions

Re : New with questions --- deborah
Posted by Sally - in - Idaho , Jun 22,2001,19:22 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Deborah,

I won't attempt to answer your questions as I do not have answers. My diagnosis is "only" blepharospasm/Meige. However, I do want to welcome you to the bulletin board and I'm glad you had the courage to post. It took ages before I got up the nerve to do so!

Someone will be along soon with more knowledge than I have. Just didn't want to leave you hanging on the limb and possibly feeling ignored. Ask anything that you wish and we'll all try to help, or at least guide you to a site that might be helpful.

Bring a sense of humor along ... you'll need it with this "disorder!"

Sally in North Idaho

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Re: New with questions

Re : New with questions --- deborah
Posted by Shirley-Arkansas-USA , Jun 22,2001,21:06 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Deborah,
Sorry that we haven't responded to yet. Thanks Sally for bumping her back up to the front so others will be more likely to respond.
You may not have gotten a response yet as many of us don't know a great deal about Tardive dystonia and its progression and whether or not pain is always associated with this disorder. I have Blepharospasm and meige. You mention that you have symptoms of Blepharospasm but that they are intermittent. I'm sorry that you are having difficulties with all these things. There are many people that feel that medications have caused there different forms of dystonia. Judy, our moderator might be able to answer some of your questions about ST. You are very welcome on this board but at this point I feel that you might be better served at the dystonia bulletin board. If you go down to the bottom of this page, you can click on the "dystonia bulletin board" and it will take you to that site. They are dealing with more of the other forms of dystonia than we do at this site.
I'm glad that you posted and sorry that I am unable to answer your questions. If you have trouble getting to the dystonia bb site, let us know and again you are always welcome here. Maybe someone will be able to comment on your questions here when they see your post.
Give it a little more time.

Shirley in AR. Just click on the link below and it will take you to the dystonia bb site. You will have to register there, also, to post.

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