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Posted by Edith Nalepa (edith nalepa,Edith Nalepa), Jun 23,2001,07:08   Archive
Dear Friends of the BEB.I went to a new Dr. an Oph. for my botox, it had been 6 months since last ones.Left eye and side of face have been in bad spasms. He gave me 40 unites, I used to get 20. My injections were from my forehead to my neck, My husband who was watching said he used 3 syringes.I got 15 injections at least, some were a tunnel effect, 2 injections at one site.Some were very painful and some not.I would only give him a C for his chairside manner, his nurse was great, and held my hand.He seemed to know what he was doing.I asked him if I had BEB plus hemi facial, he said yes.Today I looked in the mirror and can see no signs of the injection sites.And no pain today.Billie I am like you , 6 months using the computer, and my book is P C's for Dummies, and I do not understand a lot of it, it is coming slow, Thank goodness for this board. My hotmail could not get to this site last night for some reason, so I had a lot of reading to do today. Will let you know how things are going. Edith in Ohio

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Re : New Doctor --- Edith Nalepa
Posted by Billie Lowe (billie lowe,Billie Lowe), Jun 23,2001,09:59 Top of Thread Archive
Hi Edith Sorry you didn't like your doctor's chair side manner. The very first time I went in to get injections, I had my doctor and 3 other people in the room they were holding onto me or something. I'm not sure if they thought I was going to run away, or needed extra holding and patting. Whatever they were doing, it only happened once, which I was very grateful for. I mentioned later that it really had bothered me alot. My regular doctor, only has one person to help and she puts pressure on each site. The dr that I've had the last 3 times does it by himself. He takes a little longer, maybe 10 minutes. The last 2 times I've received them, my lower lids have been sore. I don't get injections in the area that is sore. Has anyone else had that?
I am glad to hear someone else has trouble understanding their dummie PC book.

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