Progression of BEB

Posted by coleen dennis , Jun 30,2001,22:30   Archive
Hi everyone!

I haven't posted in a few weeks. Had vacation the week before last and was hoping by resting my eyes from the computer work and not walking around with the bright lights, that I might be better this week at work. Wrong. I am finding after about 2 1/2 months since my first set of Botox that the spasms are getting stronger and my eyes aren't opening as well as they were before. I also think that as my eyes shut and I am walking that my head tilts to the left in a spasming way. It almost seems like a tic sometimes that I am not able to control. I am hoping nothing new is happening. Does anyone else have anything like this?

I can't believe I am actually looking forward to getting the next set of Botox. I go on July 11th. I am now using a cane to walk distances and find that it helps when my eyes shut. I received my handicapped sticker for the car so I don't have to walk thru the parking lots as far when my eyes are closing. The Dr. says that this shouldn't be progressive. Well, I am worse than I was three months ago when I had the first Botox shots. Just wanted to know if anyone else has found that this progresses even with Botox.

Thanks for the help....Coleen in very hot & humid PA. Everyone have a great 4th of July.

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Re: Progression of BEB

Re : Progression of BEB --- coleen dennis
Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Jun 30,2001,23:10 Top of Thread Archive
It sounds like several things are going on:

(1) You were diagnosed, and Botox started, before the BEB reached its peak of nastiness, and it may be peaking now
(2) Your Dr. is probably experimenting with dosage to find how much you really need, and is being conservative since Botox is scary stuff
(3) You may have the beginnings of Meige, which causes the facial movement apart from the blinking.

No, this is not a pleasant situation to be in. Just be grateful that you are early into treatment, and trust your Dr. Tell him EVERYTHING that is going on with your facial muscles, and be patient. You are like the rest of us in that it's a long haul that may never come to being pleasant again. Keep your sense of humor high and your stress level low.

Good luck,

--- Lynn

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