Connection between blepharospasm & dry itchy,irritated eyes?

Posted by Jacqui Gross , Jul 02,2001,23:11   Archive
I have had blepharospasm & SD for several years (about 10 diagnosed)
and more before that (undiagnosed) only within the last few years have I started having problems with my eyes getting red, itchy and irritated.
I read somewhere that many people with blepharospasm have irritated eyes as well. Does anybody know if there is a connection between the two?
Does anybody else have these problems? What do you do about them?
So far I've been most successful using natural tears? But unfortunately
when I use those it usually takes some time to correct. I'd appreciate any information on this. Thanks!!

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Re: Connection between BEB & dry itchy,irritated eyes?

Re : Connection between blepharospasm & dry itchy,irritated eyes? --- Jacqui Gross
Posted by Virginia , Jul 03,2001,08:23 Top of Thread Archive
Dry eyes were one of the first symptoms I had. In fact, before I was diagnosed with BEB, my ophthalmologist began treating me for dry eye. I use an ointment each night at bedtime and preservative free drops or gel during the day as needed. I also had my lower puncta cauterized to keep the tears that I did have from draining (tried plugs and they wouldn't stay in). Some on the BB also have problems with blepharitis - maybe they will post too.

The link below is to a research report which discusses dry eye as an irritant which can play a part in developing BEB. This may not apply to you, though, as your dry eye appeared later.

It is also possible that Botox has made the problem worse.

Good luck,
Virginia in AL
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