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Posted by Lynn Yarbrough , Jul 05,2001,22:52   Archive
It sounds to me as if someone is trying to sell you some really bad science/medicine. In particular, sleep blindfolds are absolutely counterproductive in treating BEB. You want your eyes to be OPEN, don't you? Why use blndfolds? For the magnets? As far as I have been able to determine, magnets and magnetic fields have NO positive effect on any part of the human body. They only have effect if there is some iron-like metal implanted in the body. Worse, I can imagine the magnets picking up bits of metal like straightpins and causing them to be jammed into your face and eyes. I don't want magnets ANYWHERE NEAR my face.

Even if magnets had some effect on the eyes, it would be unproductive to use them at night, since BEB doesn't cause spasms when you are asleep.

--- Lynn

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sleep masks

Re : Re: magnets --- Lynn Yarbrough
Posted by Virginia , Jul 06,2001,00:30 Top of Thread Archive
While "blindfolds" may not be helpful for BEB, they are useful for preventing dry eyes when botox or surgery results in one or both eyes not closing completely. I sleep with a mask to keep my eyes from drying out at night. I certainly don't use it any other time of the day (yes, I want my eyes open when I'm not sleeping) and I don't use magnets with it.
Virginia in AL, ready to put that mask on and go to bed.

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Re: sleep masks

Re : sleep masks --- Virginia
Posted by Delaine Inman , Jul 07,2001,17:57 Top of Thread Archive
I've sleep and nap and rest my eyes with eye covers since my partial myectomy in May of 2000. If I don't, especially after Botox, my eyes are dry and painful when I get up. I use thick drops, but hate ointments because they blur my vision.

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