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Re : Botox dosage --- Jodi
Posted by sylvia lew (sylvia lew,bH), Jul 09,2001,14:06   Archive
Hi Jodi,

Don't be discouraged. 21 units is very conservative. But it's better to begin with a conservative amount than too much. Next time you go the doctor will probably give you more. I was getting about 35 - 45 units which is still considered convervative by my doctor. I was getting botox every 4 weeks since January, but stopped because I didn't think it was effective the last two months of the treatment. I have been off it for 2 months and think maybe it did help after all. I am having the spasms (left side only) more frequently than before. Just give it more time. Wait until you get two or more treatments. Good luck. Sylvia

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